Our Team Makes HVAC Personal in Bedford & Everett, PA

Nothing compares to our dedicated service team in the Bedford, PA area

It's easy to make HVAC services robotic and run-of-the-mill. But L&F Heating & Cooling LLC makes heating, air conditioning and refrigeration personal. Our company owner got his start in 1994, and he's been dedicated to serving Bedford, Everett, PA and the surrounding areas ever since. His passion shines through in every service, whether it's fixing a heat pump or working with new technology. You'll get that same level of commitment and dedication no matter what service we provide.

Let us be your dedicated HVAC technicians by calling 814-977-4555 today.

Find out what pushes us to be better

Find out what pushes us to be better

You deserve the best, so we refuse to be average. We love:

  • Helping our neighbors in the Bedford, PA area
  • Providing quality HVAC services
  • Making people happy and saving them money

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